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Castor Materials Hosts Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification Course

Article by Ken Crank, PACA's Director of Concrete Promotion

Recognizing the important role that pervious concrete could play in addressing stormwater run-off issues in Philadelphia, Castor Materials recently hosted a pervious concrete demonstration/certification class at its 61st Street facility.

PACA staff has been working with Philadelphia Water Department personnel since the city adopted its stormwater run-off policy several years ago. In short, the policy provides that property holders pay a “fee” for the amount of stormwater that runs off of their property. Since that time, the PWD has constructed a parking lot that features a variety of stormwater mitigation techniques. Pervious concrete is one of the technologies that is in place. 

The agenda for the March 28th event included a pervious concrete construction overview, a small pervious concrete placement and certification exam. All of those involved enjoyed the event. Castor’s Bill Hagstotz Jr. noted that their company places an emphasis on education and hopes to conduct similar events in the future.

PACA is grateful to Castor Materials for hosting the event and also thanks the NRMCA’s Ken Justice who partnered with Ken Crank to deliver the presentation and educational material to attendees.

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